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Life in the Maryland Suburbs of D.C.
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22nd-Feb-2017 08:45 am - If you're happy and you know it....
My workplace often has a couple of people somewhere who are just standing around and waving and saying hello. Sometimes they have placards that read, "Free High Five" or something like that. They're often over by the cafeteria. I wonder if it's a cohesive club. They're never handing out pamphlets or saying anything other than basic pleasantries.

The drive in to work was particularly rough today. One intersection was gridlocked and the driver in the car behind me was laying on his horn. I turned right, as did he. The road we turned on to is oddly wide, so he gunned all four cyclinders of his beat-up Dodge Neon to pass me on the shoulder on the right. My husband was in the passenger side and gave the guy the stink eye. The car suddenly swerved in front of me and slammed on the brakes hard enough to screech the tires. Lucikly, I had plenty of time to stop and the Dodge immediately started up again and squeeled off up the road.

There were a few other trials right out of a simulator test, but none quite so egregious.

I was feeling gloomy as I walked from the parking garage to my office. At one point, I looked up and happened to lock eyes with a stranger. He smiled broadly and said, "Hello!" I could not help but smile back and return the salutation.

What an odd start to the day.
This is the second summer in this house. A small pond came with the house. We have goldfish, frogs, and some water lillies.

I am sure the frogs that are here this year are the same frogs from last year. My husband cleaned and fed the fish tonight and he was happy to see a large frog. The frog hopped over his shoes and PEED ON HIM!

Yes, we have a perfect frog habitat and we do everything to protect our amphibian friends. But, seriously, what is it with "pets" that they think they have to pee on your shoes?

If you are ever abducted or otherwise in such an odd situation, remember to pee on their shoes.
12th-Jun-2015 07:29 pm(no subject)
We recently purchased a new range. The delivery company could not install it. The previous owners of our home installed a downdraft range in an island and we're replacing it with a "traditional" range. When the delivery company noticed this, they declined installation, saying we had to seal off the venting system from our old range.

I knew a plumber who does gas line work, so I didn't think it would be a problem. He came to our house fast to take a look. Then, I did not hear anything. I e-mailed the company two days later. I did not receive a response. I called five days later and was told the plumber was "a little behind in sending out quotes." I finally got an absurd quote at the end of the day on Friday. Even if I wanted to "get on the schedule," they probably can't get my messages until Monday.

Our fancy-schmancy range with a computer inside is in our garage baking itself.
3rd-Jun-2015 08:42 pm(no subject)

I just wrote my first entry in a while and LiveJournal ate it. It is nowhere to be found.

That's upsetting.

It's my fault for not composing it offline and transferring it over.
What's the difference between being a political activist and making one telephone call plus sending one e-mail to try to collect information?

The light at the intersection of Sellman and Cherry Hill might get fixed sometime soon. Maybe.
19th-Oct-2013 10:41 pm - Scarfing
Our road is being scarfed.

To Scarf: The monstrous machine is scarfing the main road in to our neighborhood. It might scarf 100 ft - 300 ft down each side street.

Night paving is going to start on October 29. Ten days of rough road.
3rd-Oct-2013 10:42 pm - The Sunrise Market of Beltsville
The Jin-Mi is closing. That makes me sad.

The Jin-Mi is a small grocery store in the Sunrise Plaza, which is at the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and Sellman Road. It was our go-to place for an odd assortment of stuff, such as bunches of scallions and awesome togarashi spice mixes. They also sold specialty cooking devices, such as butane stoves and high quality 1.5 cups-cooked rice makers.

The store still has a fair amount of inventory. Everything is 30% off. We bought a bag of dried shittake mushrooms, fine red pepper powder (the kind for making kim chee), udon noodles, sambal oelek, two boxes of granulated ginger & honey packets (an all natural hot beverage mix which cures all evils).
29th-Sep-2013 08:44 pm(no subject)
Lunar calendar = http://www.moon-phases.net

School year = August (or September) to December; Winter Break, January – May (or June) ;  Summer break

Calendar year = January to December

25th-Sep-2013 08:17 pm - When even the plants are freaking out
The dark side: Our azaleas have an infestation of spider mites.

The bright side: We have lovely azaleas in our yard. We look forward to every day, so we are happy to take some time to care for our azaleas. We look forward further in anticipation of seeing them prosper in the spring.

The reality: I'm upset that one of the best parts of our new home is sick and I have to come home from work to deal with it, when I'm not even sure if the medicine will cure the illness. I see this as a metaphor, which brings it down many more steps on the proverbial ladder.

The bright side: I have faith. I'm holding on to it with all I've got.
22nd-Sep-2013 08:56 pm - The not-so-temporary traffic signal
There was a nasty traffic accident at the intersection of Cherry Hill Road and Sellman Road several weeks ago. The vehicles were whirling dervishes and they took out all sorts of electronics. The signals have been "temporary" every since then. Traffic cones are set up to mark the turn lanes.

I got the proverbial bee in my bonnet to call the county to see what has been taking so long. The public works representative with whom I spoke said they should be able to use emergency funds to make this repair, but they have not been authorized to use those funds.

The particular account that contains the tax money which I supplied doesn't seem to make much difference at this point.

Dear PG: Let My Money Go.

Do you drive through the intersection of Cherry Hill and Sellman? Please e-mail Mary Lehman, our county councilwoman, at malehman@co.pg.md.us, or call her at (301) 952-3887.
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