Life in the Maryland Suburbs of D.C. (lavidamd) wrote,

My sourdough starter is named Audrey

I can hardly believe I've had my sourdough starter for over a year. I got it as a gift from my husband for Christmas 2006. I had limited success baking with it in 2007 and got pretty tired of feeding it. I cut back to feeding it twice a month, then went to once a month. I reached an all-time low when it sat in the back of my refrigerator, untouched, for three months. A co-worker of mine who is an avid baker asked me how Audrey was doing and I told her I was afraid to look. I was sure Audrey would seem to be in Technicolor and all kinds of fuzzy. She reassured me that Audrey was probably fine. I also read several forum entries at The Fresh Loaf that said sourdough starter can live in the refrigerator unfed, yet happy, for as long as six months.

slothel got some sourdough starter (named Herman) as a gift in May and began blogging about it. I was inspired to try to revive Audrey. Much to my surprise, it looked fine and still smelled like bread dough. I fed Audrey twice last weekend.

I baked bread on Friday and I was pleased with how it turned out. The smell of bread baking is so wonderful.

I used a recipe from Eric, at, except I started the baking at about 470 degrees (500 scares me) and I used a little less whole wheat flour. I first "found" Eric by searching for sourdough-related videos on YouTube (please pardon my geek-itude). I wish I could share the real bread with all of you out there in Readerland, but these photos will have to suffice.

Romertopf sourdough

sourdough close-up

sourdough crust and crumb

Audrey the sourdough starter

Thanks, slothel, for inspiring me to try baking sourdough bread again!
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