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What's the difference between being a political activist and making one telephone call plus sending one e-mail to try to collect information?

The light at the intersection of Sellman and Cherry Hill might get fixed sometime soon. Maybe.
19th-Oct-2013 10:41 pm - Scarfing
Our road is being scarfed.

To Scarf: The monstrous machine is scarfing the main road in to our neighborhood. It might scarf 100 ft - 300 ft down each side street.

Night paving is going to start on October 29. Ten days of rough road.
3rd-Oct-2013 10:42 pm - The Sunrise Market of Beltsville
The Jin-Mi is closing. That makes me sad.

The Jin-Mi is a small grocery store in the Sunrise Plaza, which is at the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and Sellman Road. It was our go-to place for an odd assortment of stuff, such as bunches of scallions and awesome togarashi spice mixes. They also sold specialty cooking devices, such as butane stoves and high quality 1.5 cups-cooked rice makers.

The store still has a fair amount of inventory. Everything is 30% off. We bought a bag of dried shittake mushrooms, fine red pepper powder (the kind for making kim chee), udon noodles, sambal oelek, two boxes of granulated ginger & honey packets (an all natural hot beverage mix which cures all evils).
29th-Sep-2013 08:44 pm(no subject)
Lunar calendar =

School year = August (or September) to December; Winter Break, January – May (or June) ;  Summer break

Calendar year = January to December

25th-Sep-2013 08:17 pm - When even the plants are freaking out
The dark side: Our azaleas have an infestation of spider mites.

The bright side: We have lovely azaleas in our yard. We look forward to every day, so we are happy to take some time to care for our azaleas. We look forward further in anticipation of seeing them prosper in the spring.

The reality: I'm upset that one of the best parts of our new home is sick and I have to come home from work to deal with it, when I'm not even sure if the medicine will cure the illness. I see this as a metaphor, which brings it down many more steps on the proverbial ladder.

The bright side: I have faith. I'm holding on to it with all I've got.
22nd-Sep-2013 08:56 pm - The not-so-temporary traffic signal
There was a nasty traffic accident at the intersection of Cherry Hill Road and Sellman Road several weeks ago. The vehicles were whirling dervishes and they took out all sorts of electronics. The signals have been "temporary" every since then. Traffic cones are set up to mark the turn lanes.

I got the proverbial bee in my bonnet to call the county to see what has been taking so long. The public works representative with whom I spoke said they should be able to use emergency funds to make this repair, but they have not been authorized to use those funds.

The particular account that contains the tax money which I supplied doesn't seem to make much difference at this point.

Dear PG: Let My Money Go.

Do you drive through the intersection of Cherry Hill and Sellman? Please e-mail Mary Lehman, our county councilwoman, at, or call her at (301) 952-3887.
19th-Sep-2013 08:08 pm - The Howling
Trivia about where I live:

We could look out of our kitchen window and watch the moonrise tonight.

17th-Sep-2013 09:37 pm - PUT A BIRD ON IT
We're trying to pay more attention to the bird feeder and the goldfish pond. It's not the same as having a cat as a pet, but we're trying to look on the bright side of life.

There was a bird neither of us had ever seen before at the feeder this afternoon. It looked a lot like a varied thrush, but those are western US birds, so that seems unlikely. We looked at pictures of an Eastern Towhee for a while and decided that doesn't seem correct. My vote is that it must be a warbler of some sort, but it could have been a towhee. There were flecks of orange on the wings and a white belly. I can say with certainty that it was not a redwinged blackbird. It was not a nuthatch.
The Metro Bus that comes even somewhat close to my neighborhood is the 86. It's the same line that came close to my previous house. We live near the end of the line. The stops don't seem to be particularly close to anything.

Sadly, today was spent as sick day. I convinced myself I could drive out to a store if I was getting some over the counter medicine that would make me feel better.

There was a thunderstorm brewing when I was on my way home. I passed two women some ways off from the bus stop. They were chatting and seemed to be in good spirits. I drove up the hill and saw a woman, perhaps in her 50s, jogging up to the four way stop sign. I crested the hill and saw the thunderstorm coming in from the south. I looked at her enough that she caught me eye.

I thought about it.

I kept driving.

What has this world coming to? I should have stopped and called out to that woman, "Get in this car!!!" I should have offered all three women a ride. Even if I didn't obligate myself to take them to their doors, perhaps I could have dropped them off at the library to ride out the storm.

Those women are in my most heartfelt thoughts and prayers.
4th-Sep-2013 07:31 pm - Letting go of a pet
Our cat left this world today. He was with us for sixteen years.

I earned my master's degree in December 1996 and was extraordinarily fortunate that my college internship was converted to a full time job as soon as I graduated. The first thing I did was to purchase a small townhouse in old town Greenbelt, MD. The second thing I did was to adopt a cat. The cat was born in March 1997. My house was not my house from that moment forward. The house was the cat's house and I happened to live there, too.

Here I am, living in my fourth home. The cat did not take the move well. He had been in failing health for quite some time. He never did seem comfortable here. It was as if he decided it was time to go.

He is in the happy hunting ground now.
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